【IMEOS X 币问】EOS节点竞选Bitfinex采访精选问答

Bitfinex 采访问答(Bitfinex BP Interview Q&A)

Bitfinex BP Interview Questions

1. As a Bitfinex BP representative, would you mind to introduce yourself?

作为 Bitfinex BP的代表,能否介绍一下你自己?


My name is Kasper - I am the head of global marketing & communications for Bitfinex.



Bitfinex is a digital asset trading platform offering services for digital currency traders and liquidity providers. Our goal is to facilitate research, development and adoption of decentralized technology through collaboration, transparency and open-sourced development.

Bitfinex是一个数字资产交易平台,为数字货币交易商和流动性提供商服务。 我们的目标是通过合作,透明公开和开源开发促进去中心化技术的研究,开发和应用。


2. 50% of the EOS tokens are held by 10 addresses, which probably consist of mostly exchanges. Some people say the votes by the top exchanges will greatly affect the EOS BP election. What are your thoughts on this?

50%的EOS代币都集中在10个地址身上,这其中很可能包括交易所,有些人也提到交易所投票会很大程度影响EOS BP选举,请问你是怎么看待这件事情的呢?

We believe that exchanges play a fundamental role in the election of EOS Block Producers and they must therefore strive to set an example that the EOS network can build upon.


Bitfinex has spent the past few months working with cryptographers to build a verifiably transparent voting tool for EOS holders on Bitfinex. This voting system allows our users to vote for the EOS Block Producer of their choice in an anonymous and verifiable manner, using reports generated by your account’s activity and balances. The voting tool will allow you to cast your EOS Block Producer votes directly on the Bitfinex platform, and lets you tally votes to ensure integrity in how votes have been cast.



The tool is entirely open-source and can be made use of by other exchanges wishing to demonstrate transparency. We are incredibly excited for the implications that this tool brings with it and we hope that it will provide a solid foundation for the EOS network to be built upon. The tool can be found on bitfinex.com and we will be releasing instructional content in an array of languages to ensure that it is implemented successfully.



This transparent & open-source voting tool can be repurposed to vote for anything, including future dapps on EOS.



3. Bitfinex is a digital asset exchange platform established in 2012. It is participating in the EOS BP election. Could you briefly tell us on why it would participate in the BP election?

Bitfinex是一个成立于2012年的数字资产交易平台,目前正参与EOS BP的竞选。可以简要描述一下参与BP竞选的原因么?

Bitfinex has been a supporter of EOS development since the EOS ICO, and we have worked in close collaboration with Block.one for a long time now. We feel strongly about the future of EOSIO and we believe that our vision for the future of the network aligns greatly with that of the wider community. In addition to this, we feel we have the resources and experience to contribute significant value to the long-term evolution of EOS.



4. Bitfinex has been planning on developing EOSfinex, a decentralized exchange based on EOS. Compared to other decentralized exchanges, what has been improved on this one?


EOSfinex will be a high-performance decentralised exchange running entirely on EOS, allowing for trustless trading whilst leveraging the experience of Bitfinex and technological innovation of EOSIO. The purpose of EOSfinex is to innovate within EOS, as well as provide a platform for research and adoption os EOS technology. Our focus with EOSfinex will be on security and scalability, pushing the limits of the EOS network to ensure stability.



5. Currently, many of the BP candidates are having plans for EOS ECO incubators and community development. Does Bitfinex have any plans for those things?

当前,许多节点候选人都在计划EOS ECO的孵化和社区的发展,Bitfinex有相应的计划么?

Very much so. Our focus as an EOS Block Producer would be on pioneering open-source development of EOSIO technology, sharing openly with other projects in the space to facilitate a stable ecosystem of support, collaboration and innovation.  we are confident in our ability to assist with developing the EOS community further.

非常有。作为EOS的 BP,我们的注意力将会在于EOSIO技术的开源开发,并且以开放的胸怀进行分享,旨在促进一个由支持、协作和创新组成的稳定EOS生态。我们有信心能够帮助EOS社区未来更多的开发。


Our efforts in this EOS community will be spent sharing and experimenting with block producers, research communities and developers to ensure success and longevity for EOS. Bitfinex will collaborate freely and contribute energy, financial and technical resources to developers and projects whose vision aligns with that of the greater community. Our established development team will allow us to experiment and innovate freely, with less constraints and more creativity. In addition to this we will be compiling technical tutorials and development guides for the EOS community, sharing the knowledge that we have accrued over the years that could be of use to development teams throughout the EOS community.


Bitfinex will open-source all development efforts in an attempt to contribute as much value to EOS as possible. Our work will be free for the community to critique, give feedback on and make use of to ensure collective success.

为了对EOS社区做出尽可能多的价值贡献,Bitfinex会将所有的开发开源 。社区可以随时对我们的工作进行批评、反馈或加以利用,以保证合力共赢。

6. EOS Dapps have a lot of potential opportunities. Some BPs think that EOS is best for high-frequency and low-value business while Ethereum is best for low-frequency and high-value business. What do you think is most promising type of project to be developed on EOS?

EOS DApp拥有很大的潜力,有些节点认为EOS最适合高频低值业务,而以太坊最适合低频高值业务。在你看来,在EOS上开发哪种类型的项目是最前景的?


One of the fundamental value propositions of EOS, compared to e.g. PoW-based platforms, is the absence of GAS equivalents. We see mass consumer projects that demand low frequency user experiences and lower entry barriers thrive on EOS.

与采用 PoW共识机制的平台相比,EOS的基础价值主张之一是不需要类似GAS这样的设计。在我们眼里,需要低频用户体验和低门槛的大规模消费者项目将可以在EOS上大展宏图。


7. In the EOS Block Producer Candidate Report provided by Bitfinex, we see that you are planning on hosting a hackathon and developer meetup. In what form specifically will it be held and how will it be different to the hackathon hosted by the EOS officials.

在由Bitfinex提供的EOS BP候选人报告中,我们知道你们正在计划一场黑客马拉松大赛和开发者会议。这些活动将具体以哪种形式举办,与EOS官方举行的黑客马拉松有哪些区别?

We have plans to host a series of hackathons and developer meetups over the next year, in line with our focus on open-source development. The events will incorporate seminars, presentations and discussions to foster innovation within EOS and other decentralised technology. Our focus will be on the practical implementation of EOS to accelerate adoption on a global scale and will features prizes and development opportunities for passionate teams.



8. Currently, Chinese BP candidates takes up 1/3 of the total BP candidates. What are your thoughts on this?

当下,中国BP候选人占整个候选数量的 1/3,你对此如何看待?

China has been instrumental in pioneering the development of blockchain technology and their contributions have been, and will continue to be, of fantastic value to the EOS community. It has been amazing to watch unique cultures collaborate and work together under the same goal - the development of EOS - and many alliances will ensure continued, long-term development in the future. China has been fundamental to the success of Bitfinex and we very much look forward to contributing our expertise wherever possible.

中国在推动区块链技术的发展上发挥了重要作用,他们的贡献已经并将继续为EOS社区带来巨大价值。多个独特文化在同一目标下齐心协力开发EOS,并且许多团队在未来也会进行长期稳定的开发工作,这一点令人惊叹。 中国是Bitfinex成功的基础,我们非常期待能够尽可能地贡献出我们的专业经验。


9. What advantages do you have to participate in EOS BP campaign as a world famous exchange?

你们作为世界知名交易所参加EOS BP竞选,有什么优势?

Since 2012 our focus as an exchange has been on identifying and advancing the capabilities of protocol-level technologies. Our underlying goal has always been to grow the open-source development community in the decentralized digital asset space, achieved through intensive community development, research and collaboration.



We feel that we can contribute significant value to the EOS community through sharing our experience in the realm of platform security, stability and scalability. In addition to this, we feel that our work within the legal and compliance side of the industry will be of great value.



10. After mainnet launching Bitfinex will shift work center to the education curriculum development. What benefits will this measure bring to EOS ecosystem construction?


Our team has gained valuable industry experience along the way and we aim to make use of this to enrich the community around us. Our development efforts will be open-sourced and our underlying goal will be to share from our legal and technical experience.

我们的团队长期以来获得了宝贵的行业经验,我们的目标是利用这一点来帮助我们周围的社区变得更好。 我们的开发工作将是开源的,我们的基本目标是分享我们的法律上和技术上的经验。


We will be conducting workshops, developer meetups and hackathons to facilitate the adoption of EOSIO technology and development of a passionate EOSIO dev community. In addition to this we will be focusing on the creation of educational materials, webinars, interactive development lessons and Q&As with key developers and thought-leaders to promote learning within EOS.

我们将举办研讨会、开发者meetup和黑客马拉松,以促进EOSIO技术的采用以及富有激情的EOSIO开发社区的发展。 除此之外,我们将重点关注创建教育材料、网络研讨会、互动式开发课程以及对主要开发人员和思想领袖的问答,促进对EOS的学习。


11. According to your forecast what kind of enterprises in EOS ecosystem will become the leader in the future?


We see mass consumer projects, demanding low frequency user experiences and lower entry barriers, thrive on EOS. Specifically enterprises which can take advantage of/benefit from the immense speed, scalability and security provided by the EOS network.


12. EOS has high popularity in China, however, cryptocurrency hasn’t been allowed yet in China. Do you have any ideas to get support from Chinese users?


Bitfinex will bring with it a wealth of regulatory and legal experience allowing us to pioneer the development of cryptocurrencies around the world. Our aim is to work closely with regulators to figure out optimal solutions for the adoption of decentralized technology. We hope to get support through consistent meetups and by sponsoring innovation within Chinese development communities.

Bitfinex将带来丰富的监管和法律经验,使我们能够在世界各地率先开发加密货币。 我们的目标是与监管机构密切合作,找出采用去中心化技术的最佳解决方案。 我们希望通过不断地meetup和对中国开发社区的创新的赞助来获得支持。


13. Who will launch the main net if Block.one doesn’t do it? Will there be multiple main nets after the release of EOS.IO.1.0? Which one will be the real EOS and how to distinguish them?

Block.one不启动主网谁来启动,EOS.IO 1.0发布后会不会出现多个主网,哪一条才是真的EOS?我们该如何辨别?


What we are currently seeing is that the larger EOS community is uniting under a concept of a single dominant mainnet. Block.one was not planning to launch any networks, which was announced from the beginning. It is up to us, the EOS community, to have a strong voice and persistence to see the success of the platform. We believe that multiple main nets will not benefit anyone at this stage and we think that the alignment of the community is in the right place at the moment.

我们目前看到的是,在只有一个主网的共识概念下,广大的EOS社区正在团结一致。从一开始 Block.one就宣布不计划启动任何网络,EOS社区要有强大的声音和恒心才能看到该平台的成功。 我们认为,在当前阶段,多个主网不会使某一个人受益,我们认为目前社区的联合才是正确的。


14. Lastly, is there anything you want to say to the EOS holders in China?


Thank you for your constant support. We look forward to collaborating with you all on the development of the EOS network and we greatly value your feedback on our potential role as an EOS Block Producer and Bitfinex as a trading platform.

感谢你们一直以来的支持。我们期待着与你们在EOS网络开发方面进行合作,并且我们非常重视你们对我们作为EOS BP和Bitfinex作为交易平台的反馈。


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